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Experiential Intensives

Marriage Intensives

Scott and Betsy are a husband and wife team. They are both marriage experts trained in the relationship science of connection and repair. Together, they offer a 2-day marriage intensive called Hold Me Tight® that is grounded on the structure of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), developed by Dr. Sue Johnson, and Attachment Theory. For more details, please visit our website dedicated to these intensives:

Through dynamic teaching and experiential exercises, you will learn how you and your spouse can truly be understood, cared for, accepted, and safe for each other in your marriage. If you feel stuck in your marriage, or afraid your relationship will never find happiness again, our marriage intensives are the perfect option for you. Read more…

Individual Counseling

Individual Sessions

These sessions are designed for just you and your therapist to work on any issues you choose. Sessions are typically 45-50 minutes and usually held once per week. Session length and frequency is allowed to increase or decrease depending on need and availability.

Couples Sessions

Couples Sessions

Designed for any couple, whether dating, engaged, or married. These sessions allow for two people to work with their therapist on what ever issues they choose. This format helps ensure couples grow in the same direction and have the same set of tool.

This format can also be used for other relationships such as parent/child or adult siblings.

Pre-Marital Counseling

Pre-Marital Counseling

Hope Heals Counseling therapists are Prepare and Enrich (P&E) certified and have access to the P&E curriculum. This curriculum, when coupled with other proven techniques, is a wonderful way to set your marriage up for success. *Please be aware that the P&E assessment test will be an additional $30 charge.

Family Sessions




Used with either couples or family sessions, Co-therapy means you have two therapists in the room working for you. This format means that you get double the effort, double the expertise, and double the strategy for finding solutions.

We don’t judge your life. We join with your life.

Hope Heals Counseling seeks to help you grow toward greater health and wholeness. In counseling with us, you will be encouraged to utilize the strengths inherent in your own life, together with psychological insights, as you grow in the healing process. Our focus in counseling is to help you understand the struggles you face, find their source, and unlock the wisdom it takes to overcome them.

You have more strength and wisdom than you may even know.

We started Hope Heals Counseling because our heart beats for joining with people on the road from struggle to healing. We love being in the trenches with you, fighting for a better life. We are honored to meet you in the middle of the darkest day or your most shameful moment because we get to see true redemption and hope realized in your life through the process. Today, you may not realize that you can heal from what you are facing, and that is okay. Know that our expertise is to compassionately find and unlock that wisdom. Let us help you. You might even be surprised at the strength inside yourself!

We work hard to empower you in living your life to the fullest.

We have a comfortable meeting place prepared for you. We also take the privacy of your situation seriously and commit to protect that information. Counseling is normally conducted in weekly, 45 – 50 minute sessions, however this format can be adjusted to fit your needs. Counseling can last anywhere from several sessions to an extended period of time, depending upon the complexity of your circumstance. Call or go to the “Contact” page for more information.


Michigan scenic photo taken by Scott Nuismer

Before seeing Betsy I was a very co-dependant people pleaser. I felt responsible for how others felt around me and I relied on others to foster my emotional state of being. I grew up in a home where it was top priority to put others first, even, and most often, at the expense of ones self. I believed others opinions of me over my own so much that I had come to a place of feeling like I was an unstable, selfish, crazy person. My thoughts of my self so heavily conflicted with what I was being told at the time that I had no peace about my identity. Betsy pointed out that my problem was not that I was crazy but that I was not regulating what I received as truth from the outside world or even my own head. She showed me how to take care of and respect myself. She taught me that I have value apart from just what I can give to others. She was my listening ear, my gentle rebuke and my shoulder to cry on. I have been to many counselors and wile none were bad I have never seen results like I have with Betsy. She is the perfect combination of logical and empathetic, she is invested and truly cares and I am lucky to have found her.


Betsy was a blessing at a time when I needed someone to share thoughts, frustrations, laughter and love. She assisted at a time when God knew I needed her.


My fiancee and I had been in a relationship for six years prior to being engaged and we believed our experience of premarital counseling would simply affirm things we already knew. Very quickly, our time with Betsy made us realize there was a lot more we could do as a couple to ensure we were preparing for a healthy, honest, and loving marriage. Having a third party perspective and voice to broaden our communication skills and awareness was immensely helpful. We’re now much more confident in how we approach life’s challenges and successes together!

Mike + Abbey

I am pleased and privileged to endorse the counseling services of Elizabeth Nuismer, LPCC, CHAIS. She is a clear thinking, perceptive listener.  Her ability to identify stress, anxiety, and unhealthy responses to every day issues result in her unique style of nonjudgmental, straightforward truth telling with compassion. Her insight for me was profound. And the application brought me logically, emotionally, and spiritually to a clearing of my faulty thinking and eventually to a solution to a serious family dynamic.

My personal recommendation for counseling services are only given with extreme caution. I, prayerfully, hope you find help, and highly recommend Elizabeth Nuismer’s services.


Scott and Betsy provided individual and marriage therapy for my wife and I. Their experience in these areas help us grow as individuals and as a couple. The time spent with time them improved our communications and serenity a great deal. I highly recommend either Scott or Betsy for either of these types of therapies.


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My time with Scott has been helpful and meaningful in many ways. In my time he has helped point me in the direction of creating a better mindset. He has a great way of understanding my problems and delving into the core of what’s really behind it all. Most of all, he knows that no one is going to be in therapy forever, so he hasn’t just helped me with the immediate problem at hand but how to look and plan forward, creating better solutions for the long term.

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