Why I Love Payday!


I’ve been told I get overly excited about my paycheck. But I love payday! Each time my husband or I get paid, I do a little happy dance, okay not really but it’s a great idea anyway. I get extremely happy, giddy even, when someone hands me the check and I look at the number. I am the one who does the finances in my home, so this always means more work for me. I have to go divide it up into the different slices of the budget, go to the bank, then grocery shop. All things I really don’t like doing. Why do I get so excited about money? It’s not because we can go have a fun weekend of partying, because that’s not how we spend our money. It’s not because I can buy myself some awesome new clothes. Why? There are several reasons.

1) It’s because I feel secure. When I see a paycheck come in, it means I am provided for. I have money to pay the bills, buy food, clothes, shelter, and, if I’m wise with it, vacations! Security is a big deal to me, and I know it is a big deal for most women. To know that I have a place to live and food to eat is very helpful for my feelings of safety – I don’t have to worry about where I’m getting my next meal.

2) It’s because I feel pride for a job well done. This means that my husband and/or I am doing a good enough thing that someone is willing to give me their money! No, sometimes it isn’t exactly like that (like if my boss cuts me a check from payroll), but doing something so worthwhile that I earn money for it is exciting!

3) I am worth getting paid! When I see that paycheck, I see value. In truth, my value does not come from how much I make, but it does mean I’m contributing to someone’s life and making a difference, which adds to my value. I have a skill that I was hired to do, and it is worth it to pay me. That is pretty cool!

4) It’s because God is giving me a gift. God is so generous! He has given to me so much, and each time I see that paycheck, God is entrusting me with more. I get to prove to Him that I am an honorable and trustworthy servant. I get to utilize my brain and self-control, which can be a drag, but if God didn’t think I could handle it, He would take it away. Each time He gives to me through a paycheck, I hear, “Good Job Betsy, I want you to go buy what you need, oh and here’s a bit extra just for fun!” It doesn’t always happen that way, but I am able to go buy groceries and eat everyday, and that is really cool!

I think it is important to celebrate the little things in life. If everything is just hum-drum, that’s what your whole life will look like. Find something in your life to celebrate, and do it – consistently! This leads to much happier times.

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