Experiential Therapy

Experiential TherapyExperiential Intensives are a fast and effective way to address important issues and find targeted solutions. What’s the best part of experiential therapy? You get to play while you heal. Experiential therapy is designed to be fun and interactive which creates a place where you can learn how to understand each other, better trust each other, and find solutions faster and easier.

 How It Works


  • In order for the experiential intensives to be the most effective, all clients, whether local or out of town, are required to stay in the provided lodging. This is required for three reasons: 1) it helps you disconnect from daily frustrations and stressors, 2) it allows much greater focus on your relationship and your healing, and 3) these experiential intensives are…intense, thus the rest provided by getting out of the house is extremely important.
  • Relax in beautiful and comfortable lodging nestled in Holland, Michigan. Call or email for more detailed lodging information.

The Experience

  • You will spend an average of 6 hours of therapy per day with a licensed, professional counselor. Don’t worry, this may sound overwhelming, but we take breaks as needed and it’s time very well spent.
  • On a typical day, you will have a 3-hour session in the morning and afternoon. One of these sessions will be experiential therapy, outside the office, and the other session will be traditional therapy, in the office.
  • Each day of your intensive will hold new games and challenges specifically targeting the areas on which you want to work.
  • One day of your intensive (2 if you schedule the 6 Day Blitz), you will be given an afternoon free for the couple to spend quality time together, work on homework, and explore the beautiful area of Holland.
  • If you wish to continue working with your therapist after the intensive, and if you live in the state of Michigan, we would be thrilled to join you. Simply let your therapist know and they will take care of setting everything up.


What We Offer

All services include: Multi-systemic and professional counseling by a licensed therapist, all related costs of therapeutic activities, lodging, and two follow up sessions after the intensive is completed (In-office or via Skype/Facetime).

  • “Hold Me Tight”
    • 2 dayssunset-hug
    • Cost effective
    • Schedule friendly
    • Learn to share, understand, and support in a new and effective way
    • Experience the hope in being “seen”
  • “Upgrade Your Marriage”
    • 4 days
    • Uncover the dynamics making you miserable
    • Experience the bond you’ve been longing for
    • Find relief from the pressure to “always be more”
    • Learn the skills proven to work
    • Build trust that’s sustainable
    • Set your marriage up for long term success

What does “Married team” mean?

When you purchase the “Married team” package, you are harnessing the power of synergy. Instead of one therapist, with one perspective, you will get the power of a Christian husband and wife working for you. This means you get twice the expertise, twice the support, and the advantage of both the male and female perspective.


Experiential intensives are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis as well as lodging availability. The Hope Heals Counseling team works hard to ensure you can begin your intensive quickly and within your schedule.

Consider This

happy-walkSave money and time
Traditional couples therapy often takes over six months and can total $4,000 or more. Comparatively, our experiential intensives can save you a significant amount of money and takes a very small fraction of the time.

Does it work long term?
Yes, for those who go home and follow through/practice the principles they learned. People consistently say 2 or 3 years later, “I remember that game we played and what I learned because of it.”  It engages more than just one or two styles of learning at one time, which helps it stick.

Additional information is coming soon! Until then, please call for a free consultation or make an appointment and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.